When Do SAT Scores Come Out?

While the SAT is completely standardized, the time it takes the College Board to release SAT scores is anything but.

When Your SAT Scores Come Out Varies Based On Test Date

Most SAT Test Dates Offer Quick Score Turnaround

Did you take the SAT in March or May? Great news: it only takes a couple of weeks for those SAT scores to come out. In fact, most school-year SAT test dates have a relatively quick score release; your scores will come out online somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 days.

Early Summer SAT Scores Take Forever

If you take the test in June, however, your SAT scores will come out in July. I don’t know if the College Board takes a big summer vacation or if there’s something special-but-undisclosed about the June SAT test (you may remember the scoring debacle of the June 2018 test), but you’ll have to wait roughly five weeks in the summer for your SAT scores.

SAT Scores Come Out In Waves

Obviously it takes less time to for the College Board to score a bubbled-in answer sheet from your test–it’s just run through a scanner–than it does for two different people to personally read and score your essay, so you’ll receive your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section and Math section scores before your essay scores.

Don’t worry though: the essay portion of your SAT scores comes out three to five days or so after your first scores. You’ll know how you did relatively quickly.

If you requested that your SAT scores be sent to colleges ahead of time, those scores are sent out within ten days of the scores’ release to students. All in all, most of the process from test dates to scores being at your college’s admissions office is a matter of weeks.

When SAT Scores Come out for 2022-2023 (US)

Test DatesScores Out OnlineScores send to Colleges
12 March 202225 March 20224 April 2022
07 May 202220 May 202230 May 2022
04 June 202213 July 202223 July 2022
27 August 20229 Septemer 202219 Septemer 2022
01 October 202214 October 202224 October 2022
05 November 202218 November 202228 November 2022
03 December 202217 December 202227 December 2022
11 March 202324 March 202303April 2023
06 May 202319 May 202329 May 2023
03 Jun 20238 Jul 202318 July 2023

If you’re planning far in advance, you can find the College Board’s continually updated list of SAT test dates here.

Understanding Scores on Your SAT: The Question and Answer Service

Three SAT tests each year include the option of ordering a Question and Answer Service (QAS) report, which is primarily designed to help you verify your score by cross-referencing your answers with test questions. The QAS also provides an excellent resource for you to consult while you review for your next SAT.

It can be incredibly illuminating to see exactly what errors you made on the SAT, especially if your performance was not as strong as you expected it to be when you finished up the test.

Perhaps you weren’t as clear on some tested rules or concepts as you thought. Perhaps you made several mistakes, the kind some people might call “careless,” like when you copy the problem wrong, misread, or add rather than multiply. Seeing your performance question by question (rather than topic by topic, which is available on other SAT test dates) is priceless.

You can order a full QAS for the October, March, and May tests dates of each year. The drawback here is that the QAS isn’t released at the same time that your SAT scores come out. In fact, the QAS isn’t available sometimes up to eight weeks after the test.

Nevertheless, a QAS is an invaluable study tool if your SAT prep plan spans several months and test dates.

Which brings us to an important part of SAT prep: planning and consistency.

Beyond SAT Score Release Dates: Common Questions

Should you prep while you wait for SAT scores to come out?

Once you’ve finally had the relief of taking the SAT, it’s tempting to stop prepping until your SAT scores come out. The thinking behind this choice is usually that you don’t want to spend any time preparing for a test that you aren’t going to end up taking, and if your scores are strong enough, maybe you won’t.  

Ignoring your SAT prep for several weeks can be costly to your preparation, though. Whether it’s the large quantity of grammar you’re responsible for, the nuanced elements of SAT math, or your personal pacing on the Reading section, the material that shows up on the SAT is particular–and particularly forgettable. You can put aside your prep while you wait for your SAT scores to come out, but do so at your own risk.

When SAT Scores Come Out Right After an Application Deadline

When SAT scores come out matters most when you’re taking the test in the fall of your senior year–usually the October or November test–and you’re hoping to use the scores for early admission or early action.

As many schools have October or November early decision deadlines, you should verify with each admissions office of the colleges that you’re applying to that they will accept your scores if the College Board rushes those scores–or if it’s even necessary that you rush them at all. Official SAT scores are rushed within one to two days after the SAT scores come out online, according to the College Board.

Ultimately, you want to be sure you can anticipate your SAT scores coming out rather than dreading the day.

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