How Long Are Praxis Scores Valid?

How long are Praxis scores valid? Test takers of any Praxis test can access their score report online using their account. ETS sends an email notification to you when your report is available.

How Long Are Praxis Scores Valid?

How long your praxis score is valid really depends on how long it’s available. Score reports are available for ten years. You can log in to your account to download it during this period. If the report isn’t available anymore, you can request a copy for a fee of $50. Additional score reports can be ordered online, and by phone, fax or mail. Note that the ten year period is for reports posted on or after July 21, 2017, according to ETS.

Scores are available about 10 to 16 business days after the exam window closes. The scores for selected-response (SR) tests are posted within 10 to 11 days after the test, and the reports for constructed-response (CR) tests are provided 15 to 16 days after the test.

Score Report Forwarding

On the registration form, you can mention the agencies or institutions you want your score report to be sent to. ETS will forward the score report at the same time as it’s posted in your account. They also automatically send the reports to the State Department of Education in most states. Remember to check with ETS if automatic forwarding is available in your state.

In case forwarding is not available or if your test center is in a different state than the state where you’re seeking certification, then make sure you mention your state as a recipient. Also, if you want your teacher training institution to receive the scores, select them as a recipient. Otherwise, your institution will only receive a copy if they are an ETS-approved score recipient.

Score Report Cancellation and Retest

ETS provides test takers with the option to cancel their scores. You’ll see this option when you finish the test. Remember, you can only cancel your scores before you can see them, and once you cancel, they are no longer available. Also, with some tests, such as the Core Combined test, score cancellation means the cancellation of the whole test.

Make sure you know what rule applies to your exam before you take it.

Under certain circumstances, ETS may not score or may cancel the results of a test. For instance, they may cancel the results if the candidate is involved in plagiarism or misconduct of some kind.

ETS notifies test takers that their score has been canceled, but they generally don’t provide the reason for the cancellation.

If you have to cancel your scores because the conditions at the test center weren’t to your satisfaction, you can apply for a retest. Make sure you register your complaint about the conditions within seven business days of taking the test. ETS will respond to you after investigating the matter.

Note that while ETS sets the guidelines for Praxis tests, it does not decide the passing scores for any of the exams. Determining a suitable passing score is the responsibility of the relevant state, institution, or association. So, if you have any questions about minimum scores, contact the concerned state or association.

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