Target Test Prep GRE Review


Target Test Prep is relatively new to the GRE tutoring industry when compared to companies such as The Princeton Review and Kaplan. However, they are making impressive strides when it comes to transforming how and where Graduate and MBA hopefuls can prepare for the GRE General Exam.

Target Test Prep has created a sleek and innovative online self-study GRE Math course. Yes, they only offer math support. If you are in need of an online, self-paced class for both Math and Verbal, stop reading and check out our article on Magoosh.

However, if you have reached your Verbal target score but are struggling to overcome the Quantitative Reasoning section on the GRE, Target Test Prep is an affordable option that dives deep into math content that will appear on the exam.

Overview of Target Test Prep GRE

Although Target Test Prep provides one-on-one tutoring via Skype and WebEx, they do not offer instructor-led Math classes–only those that are self-paced. They have three options for their self-paced program, each one differing only by length of access: month to month access, four month access, and six month access.

All three options include…

  • 600+ Individual GRE Math Lessons
  • 3,100+ GRE Practice Questions
  • 800+ HD GRE Videos
  • On-Target Learning Analytics
  • Custom GRE Practice Engine
  • Live Support

Target Test Prep GRE Program Format

After enrolling in the Math course, students are asked to take a Quantitative Reasoning diagnostic test. The questions are very similar to those written by ETS and therefore students can rest assured the score they receive is pretty accurate to how they would test on the actual exam.

The course is made up of 36 study modules with an estimated time to complete in 120 hours. The modules are composed of lessons that have slides outlining the math concepts, followed by practice questions which all have video–and written–explanations. In the videos, the instructors are working out the solutions to the given problem but you do not see them–you only hear them. The videos are good quality and the audio is clear.

The course is divided up into two sections. The first section is where students focus on the knowledge, content, and skills they will need in order to score in the top GRE Math percentile. The second section is the practice-test phase where students take and review four GRE practice tests under realistic testing conditions. It is unspecified whether or not these exams are only the math sections, but it is likely that is the case.

Target Test Prep GRE: Program Pros

Organized Interface

Target Test Prep has created a user interface that is easy to navigate and is visually appealing. The student dashboard has six tabs, the first being “Study Plan.” This is where students can see the amount of days they have left before their GRE exam (if it is already scheduled) along with their target score and a list of the module lessons. Students can also access the modules–and see how much they have completed–under the “Chapters” tab.

The “Test” tab has three categories: Chapter Tests, Custom Tests, and Diagnostic Tests. The Chapter Tests consist of 15 questions, categorized as either “easy” or “medium” in difficulty level. Through the “Custom Test” tab, students can either create their own test or view past exams by the date in which it was taken, its name, the number of problems, accuracy, or average pace.

Overall, the structure of Target Test Prep’s program is similar to an online classroom. Although there was no instructor I was coming in contact with, I felt as though I wasn’t enrolled in just a self-paced study program, rather a course at a University with the title “GRE Math 101.”


Under the “Resource” tab, there are comprehensive worksheets for students to download. There is an Equations Guide, which I can assure you is jam-packed with all of the formulas and concepts you will need to know for your GRE. Also, there are the Active Review Study Sheets that accompany every chapter in the program. These Study Sheets not only have bullet point summaries of the chapter, but an area for students to take notes.

Another cool feature is the ability to take notes online, if you prefer not to print out the Study Sheets. For every module, you can highlight a sentence and a box will appear that allows you to type up a note. You can access these notes under the “Bookmarks” tab.

Another helpful download that can be found on the “Resource” Tab is what Target Test Prep calls the “Must Know.” Every chapter has a dedicated downloadable sheet that provides a detailed summary of the important rules, concepts, and strategies of that chapter. These are a bit more detailed than what you will find on the Active Review Study Sheets.

In summary, I feel Target Test Prep has done a wonderful job creating a learning environment that is interactive, and therefore effective, despite being a self-paced program. Their program is comprehensive and if you take the time to go through it all, you will be prepared for the GRE Math section. With that said, this program is also not a good fit for everyone.

Target Test Prep GRE: Program Cons


The biggest downside to Target Test Prep is it is strictly a GRE Math program. Personally, I do not feel it is worth enrolling unless you are only looking to prep for the Quantitative Reasoning section. There are other self-paced programs, such as Magoosh, that are very similar to Target Test Prep but offer both Math and Verbal courses.

Written Text

Although Target Test Prep has tools that permit students to stay engaged, such as the ability to take notes that are saved to your account, I could see how some students would struggle to stay focused. All of the lessons come in the form of written text that students must read through. If you were working through a GRE Math book, and found it challenging to learn that way, this program might not be for you. There are other online programs that have video math lessons where you see the instructor teaching.

Condensed Videos

Target Test Prep provides video explanations to all of their math practice problems. Students do not see the instructor on camera. Rather, students hear the instructor’s explanation to the problem as the instructor’s work appears on the screen. Although the videos are of good quality, I did feel the explanations were a bit condensed. I think Target Test Prep could have done a better job making the videos and explanations more thorough when it comes to discussing strategies.

Target Test Prep does have a chapter dedicated to “Strategies.” I will confess that many reviews from past students said they felt Target Test Prep offered many test-taking tips. Personally, I do not agree. There were videos that I was a little baffled at as an instructor, regarding strategies that were never mentioned.

Target Test Prep GRE Practice Questions and Tests

Target Test Prep’s Quantitative questions are pretty similar to those written by ETS. I do feel it is essential for students in this program to still work through the ETS Official GRE Guides and take the POWER PREP exams in order to truly be prepared for test day.

Also, keep in mind that Target Test Prep is a GRE Math course, so they will not have Verbal practice questions.

Use This Course If…

You Need a Flexible Program

Since this program is self-paced, it provides flexibility for people who have busy schedules and cannot commit to a weekly class. However, although Target Test Prep’s GRE Math course is very organized, it is essential you are organized as well. Since there are no scheduled classes, you will want to make sure you schedule the days and times you will be completing lessons, practice tests, and reviewing missed problems in your calendar. I usually tell my students to plan everything out Sunday night for the upcoming week.

Access to the Internet

Not only do you want to make sure you have good access to the internet in order to use this course, you want to have a device you will be comfortable reading and watching videos on. Hence, if your phone or laptop screen resembles a spider web, it will be difficult to learn.

You Enjoy Reading

Once again, the math lessons come in the form of text, not video. Although explanations to problems are videos, that might not be enough for some students. If you struggle with learning math in a textbook, you could struggle with this program.

You Only Need Math Help

Target Test Prep is a wonderful and affordable program (compared to other companies) for students who have already reached their Verbal and Analytical Writing target score. Also, if you have been out of school for quite a while, and want to brush up on your math skills slowly but surely before truly preparing for the GRE, this program can also be a good fit for you.