How to Send GRE Scores

You studied hard, you read all the right books, and nailed the GRE. Now, it’s time to send out those stellar scores. Although sending your GRE scores is not too complicated, if you are unaware of how the process works, you can run into some difficulty. Firstly, you might end up paying unnecessary fees when sending your official scores off to recipients. Secondly, your scores might not arrive at your chosen schools in time for their deadline. 

This article will provide a thorough description of how to send your GRE official score report for both the computer-delivered and paper-delivered GRE. 

How to Send GRE Scores: Computer-Delivered GRE

If you take the computer-delivered GRE, ETS will include four score reports at no additional cost. This means for $205, you can take the GRE exam and be able to send your official GRE score report to four recipients. The catch is, you can only take advantage of this on test day. Below is a description of how it will work…

Once you complete your GRE, the computer will prompt you to either “Report Your Scores” or “Cancel Your Scores.” Keep in mind you might have an idea of how well did, but you will not actually know your GRE score yet.

The computer doesn’t tell you the number of questions you are getting correct as you go. Sometimes test-takers feel they bombed the exam and will be nervous to report their scores because they do not want schools to see them. 

Don’t be nervous and please avoid cancelling your scores. If you cancel your scores you will never know how you did. This will not be beneficial to you, even if you did end up bombing the GRE. Reporting your scores simply means ETS makes them part of your record and you can view them. It does not mean you have to send your scores to schools. 

ScoreSelect Tool

Once you click “Report Your Scores,” your unofficial Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning score will appear on the screen. It comes up quickly, so be prepared! Please note you will not get your Analytical Writing score at this time. After you see your unofficial Verbal and Math scores, you will be prompted to send your scores to up to four recipients. The computer will have you look up the school by name or code.

If, for some reason, you cannot find your school in the search menu, the test administrator can provide a form for you to fill out with your school’s information. You will have to complete this form prior to leaving the testing center.

When choosing your score recipients, you will be able to use ETS’ ScoreSelect tool. There are two options:

  1. All: This will allow you to send a school your GRE scores from all your previous test dates–as long as they have been taken within the last five years. 
  2. Most Recent: The Most Recent option will send your recipient your score from only that testing day. 

You cannot mix and match scores from different test dates to create a superscore. For example, you cannot send a recipient only the Verbal score from a previous GRE and only your Quantitative score from this GRE. This rule applies to both the computer and paper-delivered tests. 

Official Score Reports: Computer-Delivered GRE

Your official score report will be made available 10-15 days after you take the GRE. ETS will send you an email notifying you to log onto your ETS account to view your score. Your Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning scores will be the same as on test day. However, you will now be able to see your Analytical Writing score and the section percentiles. 

As soon as your official score report is made available, ETS will automatically send them out to the designated score recipients that you chose on test day. Your score recipients will be sent your section scores, percentiles, and intended field of study. They will not see the other recipients you sent your scores to. 

How to Send GRE Scores: Paper-Delivered GRE

Although the paper-delivered GRE still provides students with the ability to send their official GRE score reports to four recipients at no additional cost, when you do this is a bit different. You will have to choose your four recipients when you register for the GRE. 

Therefore, you will want to do your research on the graduate schools or MBA programs you will apply to a bit early on. If you are thinking “I will just register for the GRE late to give myself time to think about it,” that is probably not the best idea.

Testing locations can fill up and there are certain days of the week that are more popular to take the GRE than others. In order to ensure you get a testing day, time, and location that works best for you, you will not want to wait to register last minute. 

Due to the fact that you must choose your four score recipients prior to taking the GRE, you will have to commit to sending scores out before knowing them (unlike the computer-delivered GRE). This does add a level of stress if you feel you are not prepared for the exam and could potentially be sending low percentile scores. 

In my opinion, if programs receive multiple scores from an applicant, they simply want to see improvement. Just because you performed poorly the first time around does not necessarily mean they will throw out your application. If you feel you are a bit unprepared for the GRE during registration, still send your scores out. However, plan to take the GRE again if need be. This article can help you put together a timeline to ensure you are able to take the GRE more than once.

Official Score Reports: Paper-Delivered GRE

It will take five weeks for your official score report to be released. You will get an email from ETS and, at this time, you will be able to log into your ETS account and view your section scores for your Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical Writing. You will also be able to see your score percentiles. 

Once your official scores have been processed, ETS will automatically send them out to the score recipients you chose during registration. Your recipients will not be able to see the other schools you sent your scores to. For the most part, they see what you see (section scores and percentiles). However, they will also see your intended field of study. 

Sending Additional Score Reports


For those of you who were unsure of where you wanted to send your scores on test day, or those who are applying to more than one school (or perhaps you took the GRE a while ago but are now applying to graduate school or an MBA program), you can still send out official score reports. Although, the cost for sending out your scores will no longer be included in the GRE fee of $205. There is an additional $27 fee per score recipient. 

Although $27 might not seem like much, when you consider the cost of taking the GRE, application fees, and perhaps GRE tutoring and/or assistance with your statement of purpose, $27 can add to the financial stress of graduate school. This is why I highly encourage students to take advantage of the four free score recipients that ETS provides. 

How to Send Additional Score Reports

On your ETS account home page, there will be a heading titled “Scores.” Under that heading, you will see an option to click “Send Additional Score Reports.” Once you click this link, you will be prompted to update your personal information, such as your address, and then you will be able to look up recipients by name, school, or code. 

Each score recipient will cost $27 and you can choose as many recipients as you would like. Also, you will be able to use the ScoreSelect tool. This time, not only will you have the option to choose “All” or “Most Recent,” but you will be able to choose “Any.” This will allow you to send scores from one GRE or several GREs–as long as they were taken within the last five years. 

For more information on valid score reports, check out this article.

Your request will be processed in roughly five business days, at which time ETS will automatically send out your scores to the designated recipients. You can also order score reports via mail or fax with the same fee of $27 per recipient. However, it will take about ten business days to process.

How to Send GRE Scores: Summary 

In summary, ETS will provide test-takers with the option to send official GRE score reports to four recipients at no additional cost. If you are taking the computer-based GRE, you will need to choose your four recipients on test day. If you are taking the paper-based GRE, you will designate your four recipients when you register for the exam. 

Additionally, you can log onto your ETS account and send additional score reports. You can only send out GRE scores for exams that have been taken within the past five years. There will be a fee of $27 per recipient. 

No matter how satisfied you are with your GRE scores, have a sense of pride when sending out your score report. You took the GRE, one of the biggest steps towards continuing your education, and that in itself is worth being proud of. 

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