Magoosh GMAT Course Review


Compared to industry mainstays like Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Manhattan Prep, Magoosh is a relatively new name in test prep. What they lack in history and market tenure (they’re less than 10 years old), they make up for in innovative approaches to presenting, let’s face it, dry material. And, they offer test-takers great bang for your buck. 

I give Magoosh’s GMAT Course offerings 4.5 out of five stars and have previously graded them an A for accessibility, cost, and comprehensiveness among their GMAT prep course peers. Read on to learn why. 

Materials Overview

Magoosh’s main talking points are that it is technology-driven and way cheaper than its competitors. Though Magoosh doesn’t have its own set of printed materials—in fact, Magoosh’s materials are entirely online—it does boast an ambitious 50-point score improvement guarantee (and smaller score guarantees for individual sections, depending on your focus), putting its profits on the line to ensure you get the GMAT score you want

Though product testimonials online are generally skewed, Magoosh scores highly across review platforms. Customers acknowledge the tech-focused, adaptable, and modern feel Magoosh brings. 

Committing to their very online persona, Magoosh has a lot of content, free and premium. One of Magoosh’s strengths is the informative blog that accompanies the course materials. The blog offers free study plans—we’re talking 1 month to test day, 3 months to test day, 6 months to test day—and tips for GMAT prep that pair well with Magoosh’s commitment to low-cost test prep materials. 

Magoosh also has a free GMAT prep app with a base of 30 questions, 80 video lessons, and tips and tricks for test-takers. Students enrolled in the premium plans (described below) can use the app to study on the go or brush up on sections in line for coffee. 

In addition to Magoosh’s free course materials, they also offer three main prep course plans: 

  1. Magoosh Math and Integrated Reasoning (IR) Self-Study at $219 includes:
    • Math and IR content spread over 175 video lessons and 720 practice questions
    • Adaptive video lessons with controls to speed up or slow down instruction
    • Practice tests
    • A variety of student-driven, paced study schedules
    • 1 year of access
    • +3 math score guarantee
    •  Email assistance
  1. Magoosh Premium Self-Study at $249 includes:
    • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) content spread over 340 video lessons covering every concept on the GMAT
    • Adaptive video lessons with controls to speed up or slow down instruction
    • Over 1,300 practice problems
    • Practice tests
    • 1 year of access
    • Email assistance
    • A dynamic score predictor and feedback analytics
  1. Magoosh Premium Self-Study and Tutoring at $799 includes:
    • 6 hours of 1:1 guidance
    • Video chat (Skype) sessions
    • Face-to-face interactions for in-context and real-time feedback
    • Flexible scheduling for students on the go
    • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) content spread over 340 video lessons covering every concept on the GMAT
    • Adaptive video lessons with controls to speed up or slow down instruction
    • Over 1,300 practice problems
    • Practice tests
    • 1 year of access
    • Email assistance
    • A dynamic score predictor and feedback analytics 


Easy to dive into with adaptable difficulty

Any product has pros and cons, and Magoosh’s reviewers tend to focus on the pros. Many of Magoosh’s customers note that, even after years or decades of being out of school, Magoosh’s GMAT course options offer them flexible and accessible ways to jump back into learning. 

Similarly, Magoosh customers comment that the video lessons are simple, straightforward, and fun, and several reviewers mention that the option to speed up or slow down videos is great to drill down on difficult concepts or hone skills they are already confident in. 

Magoosh also offers video explanations, which students say are way more helpful than the traditional and sometimes confusing written explanations that most test prep books and courses offer. 

The scaling difficulty question bank and dynamic score predictors the two premium packages offer are also a hot topic for reviewers. Many test-takers share stories about how the score predictors helped them hone in on problem areas before test day. You also have the option to take as many timed practice tests as you want, allowing you to come into test day feeling confident and prepared. 

Low cost with great results

As one of the youngest names in the test prep industry, Magoosh has staunch competition for quality, comprehensiveness, and ease of studying. On cost, they are really at the top of the pack. 

Magoosh offers a host of free materials, a 7-day commitment-free trial (you don’t even have to put in a credit card, so it really is free), a comparatively cheap self-study plan, and a series of cost guarantees. While it doesn’t reach the intense level of test prep that its more established competitors offer—though do you really need 10,000 practice questions?—Magoosh is a great option for test-takers on a budget. It’s also a good choice if you don’t feel compelled to commit to a full course of study for your test prep. 


Limited materials

It might not be a drawback for everyone—and particularly for students who are thrilled to finish a question bank—but Magoosh’s GMAT course offerings just don’t stack flashcards up to the thousands of questions their larger and more established competitors offer. 

Magoosh also lacks hardcopy and written materials covering the concepts on the GMAT, though their course offerings do hit everything you need to know. Students who prefer hands-on test prep might want to consider supplementing Magoosh’s program with a hardcopy version of GMAT prep questions and practice tests.

What Magoosh Pairs Well With

You wouldn’t start a diet where you only eat one thing (or maybe you would live your dream), and your test prep should be varied where possible as well. If you’re going with Magoosh as your main course, consider pairing it with a test prep book that compliments its techy and cost-friendly notes with bold, rich, and official test prep content. 

We recommend going with the GMAT Official Guide 2020: Book + Online Question Bank, which we ranked as our Best in Show: Early and Overall Preparation for GMAT prep books. This GMAT guide is written by the GMAC—the council that administers the GMAT—and its questions and practice tests are ripped from the pages of the actual test, and then supplemented by material written by the same people who write it. 

This guide offers over 1,000 additional questions, an online question bank, and another mobile app that you can use on the subway before you scroll through Twitter. The guide is relatively cheap ($28.49 on Amazon) and breaks down GMAT content, which is great for first-time test takers. It also offers comprehensive explanations written by the folks who write the actual test. 

My main complaints are that the app and website are terrible but, good news, Magoosh’s aren’t! 


Though young, Magoosh already sets itself apart from the test prep rat pack. With a focus on technology, limited hardcopy materials, and a competitive price point, Magoosh’s GMAT prep course provides students with an accessible, low-cost alternative to costly in-person courses, expansive question banks they’ll never get through, and dense chapters about topics they’ll stop caring about past test day. 

If you’re a potential GMAT test taker on a budget, are on the go, or you simply don’t want to drag around a 1,200-page book that weighs 12 pounds, consider Magoosh. If you hate it, there’s always the 7-day free trial, free study schedules, and score guarantee to fall back on.