Justin Chandler

Justin Chandler

Justin Chandler is a copywriter, author, and middle grades educator. Residing in Hickory, NC, he has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Middle Grades Education and achieved excellent scores on the Science, English, and Social Studies Praxis tests. He was the recipient of the Beginning Teacher of the Year award for his district. Justin has used his expertise in taking and analyzing the Praxis tests to help current and future educators who are looking to add to their certification requirements.

Justin’s philosophy towards helping others on the Praxis is the same as his beliefs towards writing: constant success requires constant improvement. Part of the research for his articles entails interviewing his peers and determining what areas of the test they struggled with during their licensure process, which has allowed him to break the material down on a more personal level.

For more information about Justin or to request his services, please visit www.chancopywrite.com.

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