Which Colleges Superscore the ACT?


When you take the ACT, you earn five scores: one each for English, Math, Reading, and Science, plus a composite score which is the average of those four. 

Until recently, those five numbers were attached to your application—end of story. If you didn’t score as well as you’d hoped on one section, there wasn’t much you could do about it short of canceling your test and starting over from scratch.

That was a problem for students. It was also a problem for admissions staff who wanted test scores to reflect applicants’ actual abilities.

Some colleges and universities started superscoring. They now invite you to take the ACT as many times as you want. Out of all the reports submitted to them, they pick the highest subscore in each of the four multiple choice areas (Math, Reading, Science, and English). They then use those scores to generate a new composite score that may be higher than your composite on any individual date.

Say you took the ACT three times. Your scores look like this:

ACT #13129282727
ACT #23224292929
ACT #32726332428

Schools that superscore look at all three tests and average your four best subscores:

ACT #13129282127
ACT #23224292929
ACT #32726332428
New Superscore30

Superscoring or Score Choice?

With Score Choice, you take the ACT as many times as you want and then decide which complete set of scores you want to report. You’re not allowed to mix and match individual section scores. If you want to take the test without having your scores automatically sent to specified schools, just skip that section on the registration form.

Many colleges that don’t superscore do offer Score Choice—others offer both.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

  • Many schools superscore the SAT but not the ACT.
  • Colleges do sometimes change their policies. Always check with the admissions office to make sure your information is current. 
  • All of your scores will be visible. Admissions staff will only officially consider your four best subscores, but they’ll see your lower scores as well. This is one good reason to do your best on every ACT you take. There’s no rule against taking the test four times and focusing on one section each time, but doing so may not always create the most positive impression of your abilities.
  • Superscoring goes further. Starting in September 2020, you will be able to retake individual sections of the ACT. That’s good news if you’re applying to colleges that superscore (because it gives you a chance to raise your highest subscore even further.) It’s also helpful if your target school doesn’t superscore, because it lets you boost a lagging subsection without retaking the whole test and risking lower scores on the sections where you’ve already done well.  

Which Schools Superscore the ACT?

Here’s a comprehensive list of colleges and universities that currently superscore the ACT. 

  • Entries marked “contact school for information” are likely to offer superscoring, but the school’s website doesn’t explicitly say so.
  • Some of these schools have made the ACT/SAT optional. 
  • Again, you should always double check with each institution you’re interested in.
  1. Abilene Christian University
  2. Adelphi University
  3. Albion College 
  4. Albright College
  5. Alfred University
  6. Allegheny College
  7. American University (Contact school for information)
  8. Amherst College
  9. Appalachian State University
  10. Austin College
  11. Babson College
  12. Baldwin Wallace University
  13. Ball State University
  14. Bard College
  15. Baylor University
  16. Bates College 
  17. Beloit College
  18. Bennington College
  19. Bentley University
  20. Berea College
  21. Bingham University SUNY
  22. Birmingham-Southern College
  23. Boston College
  24. Boston University 
  25. Bowdoin College
  26. Brown University
  27. Butler University
  28. California Institute of Technology
  29. California Lutheran University
  30. California State University System (except Northridge, San Francisco)
  31. California Polytechnic (Cal-Poly, San Luis Obispo)
  32. Capital University
  33. Case Western Reserve University
  34. Centre College
  35. Champlain College
  36. Claremont-McKenna
  37. Clark University
  38. Colby College 
  39. Colgate University
  40. College of Charleston
  41. College of St. Benedict
  42. College of Wooster
  43. Colorado State University
  44. Columbia University
  45. Concordia College Moorhead
  46. Connecticut College
  47. Cooper Union
  48. Cornell College (not Cornell University)
  49. Davidson College
  50. Denison University 
  51. DePauw University 
  52. Dickinson College
  53. Duke University
  54. Duquesne University
  55. Earlham College
  56. Eastman College of Music
  57. Eckerd College
  58. Elon University
  59. Embry-Riddle University
  60. Emerson College
  61. Fairfield University
  62. Florida Atlantic University
  63. Florida Institute of Technology
  64. Florida State University
  65. Fordham University
  66. Franklin and Marshall College
  67. Furman University
  68. Georgia Tech
  69. Gettysburg College
  70. Gonzaga University
  71. Goshen College
  72. Goucher College
  73. Grinnell College
  74. Hamilton College
  75. Hampden-Sydney College
  76. Hanover College
  77. Harvey Mudd 
  78. Haverford College 
  79. Hawaii Pacific University (Contact school for information)
  80. Hendrix College
  81. High Point University
  82. Hiram College
  83. Hofstra University
  84. Hollins University 
  85. Illinois Institute of Technology
  86. Indiana University Bloomington
  87. Ithaca College 
  88. James Madison University
  89. Johns Hopkins University
  90. Kalamazoo College 
  91. Kenyon College
  92. Kettering University (Contact school for information)
  93. Knox College
  94. Lafayette College 
  95. Lake Forest College
  96. Lawrence University
  97. Lehigh University 
  98. Lewis & Clark College
  99. Loyola University Chocago
  100. Loyola University in Maryland (Contact school for information)
  101. Loyola University in New Orleans (Contact school for information)
  102. Macalester College
  103. Marist College
  104. Miami University
  105. Middlebury College
  106. Millsaps College
  107. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  108. Mercer University
  109. Miami University Oxford
  110. Middlebury College
  111. Millsaps College
  112. Montana State University
  113. Mount Holyoke College
  114. New College of Florida
  115. New York University 
  116. North Carolina State University Raleigh
  117. Northeastern University 
  118. Northwestern University
  119. Oberlin College
  120. Occidental College
  121. Ohio Wesleyan University
  122. Olin College
  123. Pacific Lutheran University
  124. Pitzer College
  125. Pomona College
  126. Providence College
  127. Purdue University
  128. Queens University of Charlotte
  129. Regis University (Contact school for information)
  130. Rhode Island School of Design 
  131. Rhodes College
  132. Rice University
  133. Rochester Institute of Technology 
  134. Roger Williams
  135. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (Contact school for information)
  136. Saint Mary’s College (Contact school for information)
  137. Sarah Lawrence College
  138. Scripps College
  139. Seattle University
  140. Seton Hall University
  141. Sewanee University of the South
  142. Southern Methodist University
  143. Spring Hill College (Contact school for information)
  144. St. John’s College
  145. St. John’s University NY
  146. St. Lawrence University
  147. St. Olaf College
  148. Stanford University (Contact school for information)
  149. Stevens Institute of Technology
  150. Stonehill College
  151. Susquehanna University
  152. Swarthmore College
  153. Syracuse University 
  154. Taylor University
  155. Temple University
  156. Texas Christian University
  157. Thomas Aquinas College
  158. Towson University (Contact school for information)
  159. Trinity College
  160. Trinity University
  161. Tufts University
  162. United States Air Force Academy
  163. United States Coast Guard Academy
  164. United States Military Academy
  165. United States Naval Academy
  166. University at Albany SUNY
  167. University of Arkansas (Contact school for information)
  168. University of Chicago
  169. University of Colorado Boulder
  170. University of Connecticut
  171. University of Dayton 
  172. University of Delaware 
  173. University of Denver
  174. University of Georgia
  175. University of Hawaii Manoa
  176. University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
  177. University of Kentucky
  178. University of Louisiana Lafayette
  179. University of Mary Washington 
  180. University of Maryland College Park
  181. University of Massachusetts Amherst 
  182. University of Miami
  183. University of Michigan Ann Arbor
  184. University of New Haven
  185. University of New Mexico
  186. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  187. University of North Carolina Wilmington
  188. University of North Texas (Contact school for information)
  189. University of Notre Dame
  190. University of Pennsylvania
  191. University of Portland
  192. University of Puget Sound
  193. University of Redlands
  194. University of Rhode Island
  195. University of Richmond
  196. University of Rochester
  197. University of San Francisco
  198. University of South Florida
  199. University of Tampa (Contact school for information)
  200. University of Tennessee Knoxville
  201. University of the Pacific
  202. University of Tulsa
  203. University of Vermont
  204. University of Virginia
  205. University of Washington
  206. Valparaiso University
  207. Vanderbilt University
  208. Vassar College
  209. Villanova University
  210. Virginia Military Institute
  211. Virginia Tech (Contact school for information)
  212. Wabash College
  213. Wake Forest University (Contact school for information)
  214. Washington and Jefferson College
  215. Washington and Lee University
  216. Washington State University
  217. Washington University St. Louis
  218. Wesleyan University
  219. West Virginia University
  220. West Point Academy (Contact school for information)
  221. Western Michigan University
  222. Wheaton College
  223. Whitman College
  224. Willamette University
  225. Williams College 
  226. Xavier University (Contact school for information)
  227. Yale University
  228. Yeshiva University