How To Get Old ACT Scores


Maybe you’re heading back to college after a break. Or maybe you’re applying for a job and your prospective employer wants to see your scores. (It does happen).

How do you get a copy of your old ACT scores?

To answer that (and to determine how much you’ll pay to have your scores reported) let’s take a look at two related questions:

  1. Can I access my old scores online?
  2. Have my old scores been archived?

How to Get Old ACT Scores Online

If You Tested After Spring 2008

If you took the ACT at any time after the spring of 2008, your scores are available online. To see them, just log on to your ACT account. (If you registered online back when you took the test, you definitely have an account).

If you never opened an online account, you’ll need to create one now. To do that, you’ll need to enter your full name and address exactly as they were when you took the test. You’ll also need your ACT ID number. It’s an eight-digit number that starts with a dash, like this: –12345678. (That number is what ACT Inc. uses to connect you to your scores. If you try to just start over with a new ID, you won’t be able to see the scores you’ve already got).

If you can’t find your ACT ID, call the company’s offices at 319-337-1313 and ask them to look it up for you. Be ready to give the agent the following information:

  1. Your full name (as it was at the time when you registered)
  2. Your test date (at least the year)
  3. Your home address (at the time when you registered)
  4. Your birth date

Once you’re reunited with your ACT ID, be sure to keep a record of it somewhere safe.

If You Tested in Spring 2008 or Before

If you tested in spring 2008 or earlier, your scores aren’t available online. To access them, call ACT Inc. at 319-337-1313 and ask them to send you a paper report.

How to Get Old ACT Scores That Have Been Archived

If you tested at any time before September 1st 2016, your scores have been archived, which means that ACT Inc. is storing them on microfiche in a box on a high shelf.

To access them, call the company at 319-337-1313 and place a report request over the phone. If your scores can’t be made available online, ACT will send you a paper copy.

To have archived score reports sent out to schools, ACT charges you $38 per test per recipient. (That’s the standard $13 fee plus an extra $25 for archived reports). You’ll need to pay by credit card over the phone.

All ACT scores from October 1966 through August 2016 are archived.

Do I Need To Retake the ACT?

Depending on your goals and how long ago you took the test, it’s possible that your old ACT scores may not serve your needs. For help getting the scores you want, utilize prep courses like Kaplan, ACT Online, Barron’s, and The Princeton Review.

Find Out More

Now that you know how to get your old ACT scores, are you wondering how to order priority reports? Want to have your scores sent to someone outside the US? Need ACT’s postal address?

Head over to the ACT site for a ton of helpful information.