How To Find Your ACT ID


What Is an ACT ID Number and Why Do I Need One?

When you register for the ACT, you’ll be assigned a unique eight-digit ID number.

Your ACT ID is what the company uses to identify you and to keep track of your scores.

It also lets you do various nifty things via your online account:

  • Retrieve your test scores at any time in the future
  • Order extra score reports
  • Check with colleges to make sure they’ve received your scores

If you don’t already have an ACT account (maybe you took the test several years ago), you can use your ACT ID to create one.

It’s a good idea to keep a record of your ACT ID number on your phone or computer.

How Do I Get an ACT ID?

If you’re registered for the ACT, you already have an ACT ID. (See “Where Can I Find My ACT ID?” below).

If you’re not signed up yet, you’ll automatically be given an ID number when you complete the online registration process. Once your scores become available, they’ll be linked to your account so you can view them at any time without having to re-enter your ID.

Where Can I Find My ACT ID?

Your ACT ID is an eight-digit number that starts with a dash. (Like this: –12345678).

It appears at the bottom of your admission ticket and at the top of your Student Report.

If you can’t find it and you know you’ve registered, call the ACT offices at 319-337-1270 and ask them to look it up for you. Be ready to give the agent the following information:

  1. Your full name (as it was at the time when you registered)
  2. Your test date
  3. Your home address (at the time when you registered)
  4. Your birth date

If you’ve lost your admission ticket, no worries: just log in to your ACT account and print out another copy.

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