What Is Test Prep Advisor?

Test Prep Advisor offers free online resources for every standardized test from the SAT and ACT all the way to the GMATGRELSATMCATIELTS and TOEFL exam. We deliver expert information for every kind of test-taker and for every stage of the test-taking process. Whether a student is sitting down to study for the first time or retaking a test to boost their score, Test Prep Advisor offers the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need.

Here, test-takers will find information on every aspect of standardized exams. You will learn test-taking tips, best practices for studying, and which study courses and companies will best fit your needs. You can even learn the history of standardized exams, how scores are calculated, and which scores are most important for your program. Test Prep Advisor can make you an expert on any standardized exam you plan to take.

What Is Our Story?

Test Prep Advisor was born in 2018 when we noticed that there were very few reliable websites that covered the whole gamut of standardized tests. Even fewer were well-designed, authoritative, fun to read, and genuinely useful. Test-takers needed a one-stop-shop where they could find all the preparatory knowledge they required — regardless of what test they were due to take. 

But there’s no point in doing it all unless you can do it all well. Most information about test-prep that is found online is poor and seldom written by experts. Test Prep Advisor is here to change the game by becoming a site based on the expertise of world-class test prep coaches. We only publish experts, and they only write about what they know.

What Is Our Mission?

At Test Prep Advisor, our mission is to connect test-takers with expert resources that will give them the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to ace their standardized exams. We want to see students meet their academic goals and get accepted into the programs of their choice. Finally, we don’t want test-takers to dread their exam date. We hope that our simple approach to test-prep will boost confidence (and maybe even make test prep fun)!